Fort Worth Drink Specials

When we thought up Chibo, we came to a group problem—What are we going to do tonight?  It was a pretty simple problem, but when it gets down to it, how much time do you spend trying to figure this out.   You could literally spend hours; searching websites, filtering social media post, or cowering through old school event emails.  By the time you’ve finally found that something—it’s over.  Maybe that sounds like a good time to some, but most of us can’t afford that luxury.  So we go back to our trusty local hang—basically missing out on an event that might have changed our lives, expanded our minds, or find that we are never doing that again. Fort Worth Drink Specials

That’s where Chibo comes in.  Say you are trying to plan a date, hanging out with friends, or out and about by yourself; and you want something interesting and special.  Well, we want you to find that cool event or special in seconds by scrolling through our events listing full of local businesses and happenings.  Yeah, it should be that easy.  So, why get stuck in the social web when you should be free to explore.

We want to be here for you.  Just like a publishing house we want to make sure that what is going on is actually true.  We don’t want you showing base on a random social media post that sounds like the coolest place ever, but when you get there seems like a war zone casualty from the 2008 financial crisis.  Yep, been there.  We want to be that filter that shows the happenings of the moment. Fort Worth Entertainment

Alright, so let’s break this down.  You’re probably asking, why isn’t this already the greatest app ever.  Well…we’re just starting out.  Yes, we’re doing this because we’re as much interested in it as you are, but we’re forking out the time and cash.  Trust me, there is a whole lot of lint in these pockets.  So we probably need some help and suggestion to make this really cool.  If you have any thoughts or want us to get connected with local specials and events that you know and love, send us an email at:  We definitely want to hear it.

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