Security Companies in Melbourne

Security is a risky business. How much risk can you really afford to take? If you are a business that is not appropriately prepared and don’t have the right accreditations, credentials and skills to ensure that your clients are safe when you are hosting a larger scale event – then you could be taking a risk.

There are many security companies in Melbourne, however Linewatch has a distinct philosophy that makes us the right business to facilitate your security needs.

We have a company culture unrivalled across Melbourne; training programs, seminar’s and constant re-enforcement of our values is the key to this.

We are the leading security company in Melbourne when looking at absolute safety and elimination of risk. We have a HR process that screens the best security talent in Melbourne. We are investing in Mobile Patrol to improve the business services.

This is the most dedicated, passionate and focused set of people all in one team, working for each other, working for you.

We have an attentive proactive implementation to eliminate any potential risks, hazards to your security; we believe that’s the best form of protection.

We listen and work closely with you, then we create a security risk assessment, covering all angles of your building. Your personal information also stays secure and any potential security risks at your site are considered and we promise a full plan that works.

As an established, leading security company in Melbourne, we offer a range of services that are tailored so that you can select the most convenient or desired services from the following list;

Evening entertainment

Whether you have a party, a wedding, exhibition, corporate event, conference, outdoor or marquee venue ,  Linewatch  can help you help by working closely to ensure our services meet your exact requirements including special requests. The security at entertainment venues often is the first point of contact with the general public. It is therefore essential to have the highest levels of communication to ensure the smooth running and flow of customers attending your venue.   Corporate Security Melbourne

Crowd Control Channeling

Yes, exactly that!  Channeling.  When you have lots of people in one venue, you need a team of experts controlling the area to ensure peace and a positive experience for everyone.  We funnel, transmit, conduct, transfer, filter and convey for absolute peak crowd control, this minimizes public dis-order and protects people from disturbances immediately.

Event Management Security Solutions

Linewatch can offer site security risk assesments, operation guides, health & safety management and ultimate event control.  Our objective is to always make sure your event runs smoothly and to ensure your scheduled event occurs without any problems.

Construction Site Security

The Linewatch team are committed to ensure your construction site is fully protected by implementing static and mobile guards, delivery handling, theft & vandalism control, health and safety onsite. Our team can also monitor your site overnight if required and report back regularly.

Choosing security services is an important decision. Don’t take it lightly. Contact Linewatch the brand name you can trust. Call 1300 783 613 today.

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