Fundamentals Of Video Production As An Essential Element Of Effective Digital Marketing And Branding

As many of you know, my firm E-Copywriters Plus is “pretty big” on digital marketing though the use of social media and other new age platforms.  Because the technology is so new, we have found that it’s ideal for marketing certain “controversial” products (such as medicinal cannabis, CBD and related products) for two reasons.  First, there is not much (if any) federal governmental regulation of digital media (or its content) as is the case with commercial television and mainstream print media.  Moreover, in the digitial arena, most of the regulation is at the state level; and most state laws are concerned with age and geographic restrictions (i.e. regulations primarily intended to insure that underage and out-of-state users are not targeted).  Second, digital marketing is cheap as compared to traditional television advertising (an argument I made in another blog post, and I will not remake here).  Web Design Simi Valley

It should be noted, however, that there are no hard and fast rules as to how digital marketing should be done, or what even constitutes a good campaign.  For this reason, I have written this blog post to help some of my followers.

What Is The “Madison Avenue” Approach?

First of all, I always say that a good digital marketing campaign is one that implements the so-called “Madison Avenue” or “Hollywood” approach.  For those who are not familiar with this terminology, a “Madison Avenue” or “Hollywood” approach is basically a television or cinematic approach.  That’s where you use state-of-the-art video production tech to deliver highly sophisticated messages (or story-telling, as the case may be) to a target audience.  Although this is a relatively new art form, and hence there are few rules of practice, there are certain practical norms that are starting to emerge and evolve within this space.

First, short and quick is best.  By that I mean that digital videos should not be very long.  For example, a good promo video should be 30 seconds to 3 minutes.   This is because in the age of YouTube, it’s hard to keep peoples’ attention beyond 3 minutes.  This is why it is imperative to make your promo video impactful—-a term you will hear me use ad nauseam, if anyone who reads this article ever works with me.

Three Types Of Promo’s

There are three basic types of promo videos— the “short-form” promo, the “how-to” promo, and the “long-form” promo.

The Short-Form Promo

The short-form promo (as its name denotes) is a short video of about 30-60 seconds in duration.  Its purpose is to give the target audience a quick reference of the primary products, services or attributes of a company or brand— to help establish brand identity.  This video only describes what is done, not necessarily how it’s done.  For that reason, the short-form promo is the easiest to produce of the three types described above.  A typical production might consist of the producer (i) obtaining footage (stock or B-roll); (ii) writing a script that matches the footage; and finally, (iii) syncing the music to the script and footage.  This sort of promo is ideal for posting on social media along with daily information posts, which is why a company might want to produce a few different versions of the short-form promo so that its audience does not grow tired of the same online promo over and over again.   The budget for this type of video should generally not exceed $2500 (and the vast majority of these promos should be much less than that amount).  If you’re being charged more, there’s a problem—trust me.   Marketing Consulting Services Simi Valley

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