How to check if your Door installation NJ service has been completed properly

Installing the doors to your house is perhaps one of the most important steps in building or renovating a house. The doors are the entry point into and out of your house, and getting a reliable door installation NJ service to install them is very important. Considering that robbers always target weak door installations, it is important that you ensure that your door installation has been done properly and the door is secure. Most of the companies will do an inspection after installation of the door at your place, but it is still a good idea to check them yourself to see if they are installed properly.

What are the things that you should look for after a door installation NJ company has installed new doors?

  • Hinge installation:

Ensure that all the hinges are fastened, and the door is able to move freely about its axis. This is most important for doors that open outward or inward and especially for glass doors in shops and office buildings. The hinges that are used must be able to support the weight of the door and must be very smooth in operation. If you feel that the hinge is still gritty, then you can ask the installation person to oil the hinges a bit more so that it is very smooth. See that the hinge material is very good as this is a part of the door that will have constant movement.

  • Doorstop:

If you have a glass door, then the doorstop is a very important accessory that is to be installed along with the door. This can be a magnetic one on the back of the door attached to a wall, or it can also be a stopper that is manually operated on. Once the door has been installed by the door installation NJ service provider, ensure that the doorstop is properly installed. If it is not, there are chances of the door breaking because of strong winds. The door may also open and close on its own, and hence the doorstop is very important.

  • Lock:

Once the door has been installed, you need a reliable lock to keep it in place. The door installation NJ service provider will be installing the lock on the door for you. This may be a normal mechanical lock or even an electronic lock that opens with some digital key. You must ensure that the lock is installed properly, and once it is engaged, the door is secured from all corners. A weak lock is a very big security risk and may lead to loss of life and property in your home or office building. Make sure that the lock is well oiled so that the operation is smooth.

These are some of the things that you should look at once a new door has been installed in your home or office building. Ensure that these things are perfect, and you will have no problem with your doors in the future.

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