On this tour, get to the summit of Mount Vesuvius and explore the Excavations of Pompeii at your preferred pace. You can decide to follow in the footsteps of previous travelers and discover the Myth – an amazing adventure for solo travelers or the entire family. If you love history and volcanoes, this is the private tour for you!

We suggest you begin your tour at Mount Vesuvius in the morning, as it tends to be busier in the afternoon, while Pompeii tends to be busier in the morning.

The day begins with a lovely drive through the hills of Mount Vesuvius. Please remember that this tour includes a great deal of walking on uneven surfaces and some climbing of steps. We urge you to wear the most comfortable shoes! We recommend this tour for people who are in good physical shape.

We take you through the National Park, where you will see hardened lava from the eruption of 1944. You will also see the spectacular vistas of the Bay of Naples, and the city itself. Also, you will enjoy the Volcanic Observatory, established in 1841 – the first of its kind – by the Bourbons of Naples.

After this drive, which takes approximately 30 minutes, your guide will escort you to the top of the crater…on one side is the shadow of Mt. Somma, part of the rim of the first volcanic eruption that buried Pompeii in 79 A.D. This walk takes almost half an hour, and the terrain is almost entirely made of volcanic ash. From here your guide will show you spectacular vistas of the Bay of Naples, Pozzuoli, and Capri, Ischia, and Procida. Driversnaples daily excursions

Once at the top, you will enjoy a short session by a volcanologist – an expert who can offer you lots of scientific facts about Mount Vesuvius. You will be amazed by the enormity of the main crater, its colors and the steam geysers that blow during winter.

If you want to explore the rim, you are able to walk around it. If the weather is clear, you’ll look out at the ancient city that rests majestically at the base of the volcano. This is an ideal spot from which to photograph Naples, Capri, and the Sorrento Coast.

Now It’s Time For Lunch!

You may choose to have lunch and wine at a nearby farm or opt for a tavern near Pompeii. We encourage you to ask your guide for ideas! We will pause for a quick break here, right at Pompeii.

The site of ancient Pompeii sits on the Bay of Naples, between Naples, Salerno, and Sorrento. At the road’s side, you will see and feel the imposing presence of Mount Vesuvius, and the beautiful views of the Bay of Naples on the other side, along with its three islands. Across the Bay sits Cape Misenum, at which the Roman Military Navy was based, and where Pliny the Elder began his famous tale of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption.

Example Of Your Guided Walk: Please remember that Pompeii extends across 160 acres. To make the most of your day, we provide a professional guide, if you select this option. Our tour is curated to the interests, wishes, preferences, and abilities of our participants. But our tour is flexible; we wish to know any suggestions you may have that will make the day more enjoyable. And if you have any special requests, by all means – let us know!

In Pompeii, you’ll see the ancient walls that date back to the 4th century, B.C. Porta Marina, at the city’s gates, is extremely well-preserved.

When we arrive in town, you’ll walk on basal stone, made of volcanic rock that left imprints of tiny, white flecks. This material was used because it shone in the darkness, back when torches were used and were the only guiding light in the evening. Today, we call this substance “cat’s eye.” Pompeii didn’t have a sewer system because it was built on top of lava. You will marvel at the large stones in the path, put there so people had somewhere elevated to step when it rained.

The city center is called the Forum because it has several buildings used for different purposes. The religion building houses the Temple of Apollo, the Capitolium and the Temple of the Emperor.  There was also a textile market; a fish and meat market; a currency exchange, public scales for weighing large items like the goods farmers brought, and much more. It is in the Forum that you will see the famous display of human casts.

Nearby are the Public Bathhouses, where anyone could stop in for a daily wash. Men and women were in separate quarters, but all were allowed in – rich and poor, free and enslaved. Pompeii had three complexes like these, and they all included a changing room (Apoditerium), a tepid room (Tepidarium), a hot room and a gym. Several buildings have massive vases built into the front masonry counter – these are what we call taverns, or pubs, today!

These enormous jugs were teeming with food and drink, and many Romans would stop in around mid-day for lunch and something to drink.

A visit to Pompeii is not complete without a peek at the Lupanare – the Brothel! Here you will see a marvelous display of Roman frescoes that include several erotic images. Another “must see” on any visitor’s list is one of the public spaces where entertainment was held. The Outdoor Theatre is where comedies and tragedies were staged. At the large amphitheater, games were put on, pitting gladiators against each other, or against huge beasts. The Indoor Theatre is where mime and poetry readings were offered. Driver guide to Amalfi tour

At mid-tour, it’s important to stop for a refreshing drink at one of the many street vendors, or browse the souvenir shops and pick up a memento for somebody back home.

Your private day tour of Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii are sure to create lifelong memories that you will share with friends and family forever! Like we say in Italy, Salut!

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