How to Put on Penis Sleeve

The importance of remaining in an extended state after penis enlargement exercise is something people often miss to cement penis size gains. Many people work out daily stretching their penis manually or with tools and wonder why they don’t gain. Yes, you worked out great for 30 minutes but then your penis retracts to it’s normal turtled state, then heals in that retracted state.

What if your penis tissue could heal in the extended state? Imagine you can perform a session and keep your penis in that extended state throughout the day after your session? Plastic surgeons practice this all the time with skin graphing and it’s a proven medical procedure by expanding the the patients tissue for weeks to permanently stretch skin. So why not do this for your penis?

If your tissue heals in an extended state, you just added more tissue to your penis. The gains will come quickly, it’s that simple. How to Put on Penis Sleeve

SiliSleev2 is a soft silicone penis sleeve for all day/night anti-turtling penis stretching, penis pumping or used with vacuum extenders and moderate tension. For hanging heavy weight or intense stretching with vacuum hangers and stretchers, check out our DuroSleevs

We engineered the SiliSleev2 to a stronger medical grade hypoallergenic silicone formula to stretch four times over the original size without breakage and is semi-transparent to monitor your penis throughout the day.

Unlike many other penis sleeves on the market, the SiliSleev2 is very comfortable and designed for all day/all night anti-turtling use in stealth without restriction or loss of circulation

The SiliSleev2 also adds an additional level of grip, comfort and protection when using penis extenders and penis hangers. The SiliSleev2 desensitizes the penis when using penis enlargement equipment. Erectile dysfunction

When using the SiliSleev2 with your penis pump, the ridge goes towards the bottom of your penis against the pelvic to act as as restriction ring to trap blood in the penis for expansion while pumping.

  • Promotes penis cellular length and girth growth
  • Extremely comfortable for long hours of use
  • Painless natural penis gains while the penis heals
  • Keep penis extended all day/night while healing
  • Desensitizes penis when used with penis stretchers
  • Wear outside under clothes
  • Eliminates fluid retention with vacuum pumps
  • Customize to length by end user
  • Stretches up to four times its original size
  • Skin safe and hypoallergenic

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