Managed hosting is a supplying model that sees service providers lease out servers, storage space, network hardware, and system software to tenants in need of then. In most cases, managed hosting providers will also operate the dedicated servers that they lease out to ensure that their customers get value for their money.

Before you go down this route and commit to a host, it’s imperative that you are aware of the kinds of issues you are likely to face along the way. More to the point, it’s important that you align yourself with a managed hosting provider who can offer you the exact support that you need.

Here are ten things you’re going to want from your host:

24/7 Support

Above all else, you’re going to need 24/7 support from your host. If you encounter glitches such as your website being down or your emails not sending, you need someone who you can call on around the clock. This support should be able to offer you an immediate solution whenever problems transpire, no matter what these problems may be. Information on Hosting

Parking Service

Being able to park your other domain names is equally as important.

This will grant you better control of all of your domain names (.com, .org, .net, etc.), and it is a far more efficient way to manage your brand.


To be sure that you have versions of your all-important directory should the original become compromised, you need to have it backed up regularly.

It’s important, then, that you ensure that your web host provides a backup service.

Uptime Guarantee

If customers arrive at your website only to find it is experiencing downtime, they will leave it and head straight to your competitors.

Uptime should, then, be guaranteed by your host.


As the Internet changes, so should your site. To ensure that you are able to keep up with all the modifications expected of you, you’re going to need accessibility. Make sure that you choose a host that doesn’t make it difficult for you to make changes to your website as and when you want to make them.

Blog ability

In today’s online climate, blog ability is crucial. This will allow you to show yourself as an authority in your market and as an expert in your subject matter. Spend time and money in creating and running a blog that consists of relevant and informative blog articles.

Sharing capabilities

If you haven’t got a massive budget to work from, you have to ensure that your provider offers what is known as ‘shared hosting.’ This is because, by sharing your site’s hosting package with others, you could bring your hosting fees right down. No add-ons

Don’t fall for the age-old trick of a low start-up price, only to then be bombarded with expensive add-ons as time goes on.

Set your stall out right away to ensure you get what you pay for right off the bat.


As your brand gets bigger, so must your website.

It goes without saying, then, that your host should be scalable in the sense that they can tailor your site around the number of visitors you expect with each passing month. Web Design Blogs

An easy exit strategy

You never know what’s going to happen, so it’s essential you are able to exit your contract with your host with ease whenever the time feels right to do so.

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