Time-Saving Wet Brush & Roller Covers

We’ve all been there: lunchtime, kids crying, phone calls… whatever your break might be, Paint Poncho gives you the freedom to stop and protect your painting tools and keep them fresh for when you return. Never worry about cleaning brushes and rollers when you need to take a break again! Paint Brush Covers

Convenient and easy to use.

Locking system protects for weeks.

Innovative design to save you time.

Made with Eco friendly EVA plastic for greater durability

Frosted appearance becomes more clear when wet, visually showing the protection

Elastic pull cord and spring lock allow for easy use and reuse

Innovative shape provides a wide opening for easy placement of painting tools with less mess

Paint Poncho’s durable construction and innovative design features give you the option to reuse during the same project or clean and save for the next.

For ultra convenience, simply dispose after each use.

When using oil based paints or stains, it’s recommended to simply dispose after each use.

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