If you are needing to sell a distressed property a cash offer can be the best route to go.  With a cash offer on your distressed property, Keller Home Solutions will buy your home as is.  This is a welcome relief for a majority of home owners as they do not have to cover any repair costs or the headache that comes with it.

Think about.  If you wanted to sell your home and it needed a new roof there’s 15-20k gone off of the price of your home.  What’s worse is this 15-20k is paid by you upfront.

Repair situations on the home can put the seller in a bind.  Not only are you having to dish out money to fix your home, you have to budget time off of work and the logistics that go along with it.

If you want to try to sell your home with a real estate agent add in more costs.  You will lose about 9% on the sale price due to fees and depending on the condition of your home potential buyers may not be able to get a traditional loan which complicates things.  Theres nothing like the emotional roller coaster of having some one want to buy your home, making an offer, then upon inspection a problem with the foundation leads to owner required repairs.  Now you have to pay 10k out of pocket to fix this or the buyer can’t get a loan on the home.  Cash for homes Austin

Save yourself the headache and go with a cash offer on your home.  We will buy your home as is and cover all the costs associated with the sale.

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