How to handle the Polarizer and OCA in iPhone Refurbish?

People often ask whether the need to replace the polarizer or not, it depends on whether the glue on polarizer is easy to remove and if there is any scratched on the polarizer.

Usually, if your LCD screen is not the original one, it is easy to remove the glue only, then if you take care and did not scratch the polarizer during separating broken glass step, you no need to replace the polarizer.

But if you refurbish original LCD screens, it is very difficult to remove the glue only, for higher efficiency work, we suggest you can remove the glue and polarizer together by the blade. But some people may say there is an “Automatic Roller Glue Remover Machine” can remove glue only, yes it is, but it with high risk for break the LCD, because it remove glue by strong sticker on the roller and with strong pull power during roller moving, it is easy to break the LCD.

Here share the way how to use the simple tool manually remove the glue and polarizer. (If you have the glue remover machine, you also can use it, the reference videos available on the machine page, just click here.)

Just need to prepare a simple soldering device with blade, then use it to scrape the polarizer, make the blade start enter from one corner gently like below pictures, and move it slowly, but keep moving and don’t put blade stay one place for a long time, because it’s easy to break LCD and burn the backlight. Moreover, don’t move the blade to the end, should stop close to the flex, and then tear off the remaining polarizer by hand. It is to protect the flex. iPhone x touch digitizer best quality

Remove the remaining glue on screen. First, put some glue cleaner on the cleanroom wiper to clean the screen, please do not put too much cleaner, because it is easy to get into backlight. Then, we can use a Flying Eagle blade or plastic glue scraper to clean some main big remaining glue on the screen, just note to put the blade at forty-five-degree angle to scrape the glue gently. Next, we can use a new wiper to clean the screen again, note to move the wiper by one direction only.

After cleaning the screen, we should put a new polarizer on LCD. If you use the glass+frame+oca+polarizer complete parts, then you can directly do laminate after cleaning the screen. If you use the glass+frame+oca or glass+frame complete parts, you firstly need to put a new polarizer on LCD.

The Polarizer has two sides but only one side with a sticker, the side with an obvious line is sticker side, and we should put this side paste on the LCD. First, peel off little protect film and align on the leading edge of the screen and fix two corners like.

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