A digital microscope for students has become a popular classroom technology for all ages, from PreK through college.  The SmartMicroScope 5M and Dino-Lite digital microscopes are two of the best educational technology solutions in the handheld digital microscope space. In this report, we’re comparing the features of these two digital microscope products to bring you a final recommendation. We paid special attention to the microscopes’ suitability to the classroom and educational purposes. So, if you’d like to know the difference between these two digital microscopes, read our comparison:


SmartMicroScope 5M has a single-focus dial which makes it possible to get high-definition, crystal-clear image. It enables zooming and undistorted color images. It also has 6 built-in LED lights which can be controlled by a dial on the digital microscope. Chromebook microscope

The magnification rate of the 5 megapixel microscope camera is 10x to 200x. It can take photos and videos up to a 2592 x 1944 resolution. This chromebook microscope camera can be streamed live on computer devices and be presented to all students at the same time.

It’s powered via USB 2.0 and is compatible with all major operating systems: Windows XP – 10, Mac OS 10.7 and up, Linux, and Chrome.

DinoLite digital microscope device also has a 5M camera with the ability of 10x to 240x magnification. It can capture images with a resolution of up to 2592 x 1944. It has 8 white LED lights and uses polarization to reduce glare on reflective surfaces. Unlike SmartMicroScope 5M, it’s a handheld device with aluminum alloy.

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