The AS-IS sale with real estate agents

If your home is a fixer upper you may forced into hiring a Realtor due to the condition. Most Realtor’s struggle to sell homes that are in decent condition, but selling a house that needs repairs is a whole different beast. The market is currently a buyers market which means that buyers are more selective with what they want.

If a real estate agent is selling your house with repairs chances are they will try to get you to low ball your self on the asking price. They do this to try to reduce the time on the market (remember they only get paid when it sells). While this sounds like a solid strategy (in theory) you are leaving money on the table by allowing the Realtor to fire sale your home. Cash for houses San Antonio

There are also unexpected drawbacks to using a Realtor. You have to look at fees, commissions, and some one sticking their nose in your business. On average the Realtor will take 3% plus the buyers agent will take another 3%. That is 6% of your houses selling price gone between 2 people.

Set it and forget it

When you want to sell a house fast with repairs there is a simple, stress free solution…Cash For Homes S.A.

Although a cash buyer is a usually not the norm when you want to sell your house, it is becoming more common place in San Antonio Texas.

A cash deal on your home is the ultimate way to avoid the hardships your bound to encounter when you try to sell a house fast that needs repairs. Cash deals are also a quicker way to get out of a house as we have the ability to close on average within 1 – 7 days. Utilizing a cash deal on your home skips the mortgage process (which can take 30 days and is not always a sure thing).

At the end of the day we are all people with different situations. The important thing to remember is that a cash offer for your house is a stress free way to go about selling your home. At Cash For Homes S.A. We want your home as is. Don’t spend another dollar, call into work, or stress about doing work to the home you want to sell!

Cash offers available in 24 hours

Cash For Homes S.A. Has a few slogans, we buy houses in San Antonio is our main one. We can get you an offer on your home (no paper work needed to get one) within 24 hours. If you like it we can close, if not we can help you appraise your home and see if selling it through a traditional sale might be of more benefit to you through our home selling service. Homes owner finance San Antonio

A cash offer on your house doesn’t mean annoying, rude, or car dealership sales tactics. What it means is an honest valuation on your property with solid advice. If you don’t like our cash offer we can even refer you to other cash buyers in San Antonio.

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