Once you know what you need, deciding what your furniture will be made of is the next most important consideration for your outdoor space. The materials you choose will not only dictate the style and overall look but will also impact how well each piece performs against all the elements.

Here are the benefits of each:

Reclaimed Teak

This is a purely natural product, The wood is given a second life. Because this is a recycled natural product, every piece has its own features and look. Every product is unique. Recycled teak has a natural appearance and develops over time to a beautiful silvered grey.

Teak is packed with natural oils that will help prevent the pieces being damaged and are durable enough to remain outdoors year long in every season.  Outdoor chairs

Check the Teak has been obtained legally from sources such as teak plantations, recycled sources in Indonesia, who are certified by a legal audit system.


Polyurethane furniture still exude the relaxed style of the natural material but with a number of added benefits. As well as being weather resistant, these pieces can stay outdoors all year round meaning you don’t have to find storage space for them when the weather turns bad. It is also very durable and is unlikely to tear, fray or break, looking new years after purchase.

Make sure to check the UV rating of the rattan.


Aluminium furniture with a powder coated frame that is lightweight, scratch resistant, weather proof and will not rust. Powder coated aluminium also requires very little maintenance.


Use premium grade fabric Sunbrella fabric is the number one Outdoor furniture fabric, it has a five year anti-fade guarantee. Sunbrella feels like a soft indoor fabric. Sunbrella is water, mold and mildew resistant, it is important there is a free draining base made of a textilene which is also breathable.

Use of polyester fabric on outdoor settings is not ideal as the sun will fade it within 3-6 months.

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