When planning your wedding design, it is important to carefully balance the five senses. The five senses will give guests a great first impression and can make them feel not only welcomed but also comfortable. Smell is important because it is a sense closely linked to emotion and memory. One way of enhancing this element is through scent. Scent styling a wedding will give the whole celebration an unforgettable je ne sais quoi.  Cool Wedding Ideas

I was recently invited to a fabulous Scent Styling Masterclass hosted by Champagne & Flamingos at The Grand York.  We were given insight into how to create a special atmosphere and attended by some of the most reputable Luxury Wedding Planners & industry Bloggers and Press.

We enjoyed a beautiful day of touring the stunning newly renovated 5* hotel, eating, networking, scent styling and blindfolds. Jane from Champagne & Flamingos beautifully demonstrated how to pair scents to cocktails and food; such a modern phenomenon. Creative Wedding Favors

To help our couples choose their ideal scent, Champagne & Flamingos have exclusively designed an amazing planners package which I absolutely cannot wait to showcase to our existing and future clients.  At Luxe by Minihaha & Co. We are dedicated to planning exclusive celebrations that authentically reflect your personality, style and taste. If you would like some more information on how we can help you curate a beautiful wedding, please get in touch with our planning team by completing our enquiry form.

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