Overwatch Season end is a big deal and so we are bringing new updated information about the upcoming Season Changes, Season start and end and much more.

Overwatch Boost season end is a big deal for Overwatch players. Why is that? Well, that’s because the season’s length is only 2-3 months, and just recently, Blizzard announced the date of Overwatch’s Season End.

Overwatch History and Gameplay

Before we talk about the game’s Season, let us briefly talk about its history as well as its gameplay first.

Overwatch started with over 20 playable characters that are known as heroes in the game. Players are divided into two teams containing 6 players per team. There are four general ranks in a team and they are: Offense, Defence, Tank, and Support. These ranks are essential in team play and the team must coordinate the strengths and weaknesses of each rank to have a successful game. Each team must work together in securing and defending a certain map or try to successfully escort a payload across a certain map. All these missions have to be completed in a limited time only.

In the game, players can win or receive cosmetic awards like skins, costumes, victory poses and others that do not affect the gameplay in anyway. Upon release, the game was set as a casual game with competitive ranking along with other game modes like arcade and a customizable option.

As the game garnered popularity and the number of players kept rising, Blizzard decided that there will be constant updates to the game which are all free of charge. There are newly added characters, maps, and game modes. However, there will be additional costs for players who want to earn more cosmetic awards. For players who want to boost their game, they also opt to buy Overwatch Season End Pro Boosting.

Overwatch Season Rewards

In competitive plays, players will only earn Rewards as incentive for their participation. However, in some instances, players might need to have certain skill ratings before they can get to earn the Rewards.As explained, there are many types of Rewards in Overwatch Seasons. From here, we’re going to explain the types of rewards confirmed by Blizzard. Basically, these are the rewards that players will unlock in Overwatch Season.

Player Icon Season Rewards

Players can get the Player Icon Rewards by achieving a competitive play ranking. This is an exclusive offer for players who play and reach a specific rank within the game’s competitive play. In this offer, players are given the chance for cosmetic customization. Icon rewards are used to customize your profile. You can use this reward to personalize your character as you like. This reward will be given to players at the end of the season. As said, only those players who have a Competitive Play Rating can get this rewards.Player Icon Rewards will be different visually, depending on the rank you earned at the end of the season. This cosmetic reward is exclusive and limited to Player Icon Season Rewards. It will only be unlockable with Overwatch Season Rewards.

Spray Season Rewards

Players can get the Spray Season Rewards by earning a competitive play ranking by the end of the season. This is also an exclusive reward for players who play competitive play in Overwatch.Spray Season Rewards allow players to leave their mark on the battlefield. This could be a BM to simply show that you are where you are at. These tags come in a wide variety. Some types of sprays are limited to holiday events while others are limited-time promotions offered by Blizzard. The most common types of all are Hero Specific.

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