Campsites Near Robin Hoods Bay

Here at Middlewood Farm, our aspirations to the environment are always at the forefront of our thoughts, being a continuous endeavour to improve systems and reduce the effect of our Carbon Footprint.

To bring us closer to being carbon neutral we have installed 435 Solar Panels, generating 100 Kilowatts of clean energy. This means that the majority of the electric energy used on the Farm & Holiday Park is produced with NO damaging effect to the environment. As we do not require all the power generated by our Solar Panels, the excess is put back into the National Grid, therefore assisting the UK with its efforts in reducing the use of fossil fuels………….every little helps !!!

Low Energy bulbs are used, where possible, around the Holiday Park & Farm to reduce energy consumption. The lights in our facility block’s are controlled by timers or light sensors, as are the street lights on the Holiday Park.

Our 2 facility blocks have strategically placed velux roof lights, to maximise the use of natural light.

Hot water is created by ‘on demand’ energy efficient boilers. Therefore there is no wasted energy in ‘stored’ water. Caravan Holidays Whitby

Both our Holiday Homes & Facility Block’s are double-glazed & insulated to a very high standard, reducing heat loss and proving energy efficient during early & late season. The heating provided in our facility blocks, which is controlled by thermostat, is almost unnecessary.

Water Commitments

Our aim is to minimize the use & waste of water wherever possible. Campsite Facilities – All taps are ‘press taps’ to avoid wastage, as taps cannot be left running !!. Circulation pumps are used to bring the hot water to the tap, therefore reducing the amount of ‘cold’ being run off before the ‘hot’ arrives. Low volume flush toilet cisterns are installed to save water. The gents urinal flush systems are controlled by Infra Red detectors so they do not keep flushing when not in use. Showers are designed and timed to stop excessive use & waste.

Holiday Homes – Long and short flush toilets are installed to minimize waste. Laundry – Our newly purchased washing machine uses half the water consumption of the older machine.

Other Conservation Efforts

Due to our unique proximity and renowned footpath through our fields & nature reserve to Robin Hoods Bay & the Beach, all our guests are able to leave their vehicles behind and enjoy days out, without adding further carbon emmisions to the local environment.

We are working closely with the National Parks Authority, investing in, and creating new footpaths. Removing old stiles & gates and replacing with ‘kissing’ gates which gives access to pushchairs, wheelchairs & mobility scooters all the way to Robin Hoods Bay Camping and the Beach.

We have planted 1,050 meters of new, strategically planned, hedgerows to increase the wildlife corridors and soften the impact of the Holiday Park on the surrounding landscape.

All our Holiday Homes are in environmentally friendly colours of two tone green, which are in keeping with their natural settings.

Our endeavour is to use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions as much as possible.

The equipment on our Children’s Play area is constructed of timber from local sustainable forests. The safety surface is created from locally sourced woodchip.

Materials used for ‘upgrading’ projects around the farm and on the Holiday Park, are locally sourced, wherever possible, as are the tradesmen required to carry out the work.

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