Hair Growth Supplement Singapore

Do you feel your hair thinning out every time you run a comb through them?
Are you trying hard to grow your hair longer yet getting no results?
Do you see a bunch of hair on the bathroom floor every time you wash your hair?
If the answers to these questions are yes, then you are probably dealing with a hair loss problem. But worry not. One good way to prevent hair loss is to take supplements for hair growth such as Nutri Botanics Hair Plus.

As a top-of-the-market supplement for hair loss, Nutri Botanics Hair Plus help boost hair growth, reduces hair loss and keep your hair healthy and growing with shine and strength.

Nutri Botanics Hair Plus is a hair growth supplement clinically formulated with a wide range of ingredients, in fact 27 key ingredients from biotin to zinc and horsetail to provide your hair with all the key nutrients needed to stop hair loss and promotes hair growth. One serving of this hair loss supplement from USA provides 5000mcg of Biotin and 100mg of Keratin which helps reduce hair loss while promoting healthy hair growth. The product can be taken by both men and women.
Why choose Nutri Botanics Hair Plus?

– Contains keratin, horsetail and hydrolyzed collagen to thicken hair strand
– With Biotin to promote hair loss
– Proudly made in USA, in an FDA approved manufacturing facility
– With powerful antioxidant like Alpha Lipoic Acid along with Vitamin E and Vitamin C to help fight free radical damage
– Clinically formulated with 27 key ingredients in the right combination to stop hair loss and promote hair growth
The Key Ingredients In Nutri Botanics Hair Plus

Out of 27 ingredients present in Nutri Botanics Hair Plus, some of the most important ones are Biotin, zinc, keratin, collagen and horsetail.

Biotin for hair loss
Biotin is a essential B Vitamin and its deficiency can cause thinning of hair and hair loss. Biotin works by promoting the growth of hair cells, thicken the hair strand,  minimizing hair dryness, reducing hair breakage and prevent hair loss. Nutri Botanics Hair Plus hair supplement also contains a list of other B Vitamins including Vitamin B1, B2, B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, B12 and which are all important for preventing thinning hair, promoting hair growth and even hair colour.

Horsetail is a source of silica, which promotes hair strength and hair elasticity
The deficiency of zinc in our body can result in weakened hair follicle which is the reason for hair shedding and loss. Zinc helps reduce hair loss and is also essential in hair treatment as it acts as an anti-dandruff agent.
Keratin, another key hair nutrient of Nutri Botanics Hair Plus is a tough protein element that acts as the basic building block of our hair. Keratin produces the hard fibrous hair strands that make our hair strong.
Vitamins A and C
The Vitamins A and C are also hair vitamins great for hair repair and renewal. Vitamin C also help boost your body collagen production and this is important because collagen is the building blocks for skin and skin.
Hydrolyzed Collagen
Nutri Botanics Hair Plus is both a supplement for hair loss and also a hair growth supplement. Unlike most other hair supplement, it contains hydrolyzed collagen, a form of collagen that is highly bioavailable with a very small molecular size of just 3000 daltons. Hydrolyzed collagen helps to structurally reinforce your hair. Hair Growth Supplement Singapore

Who should take a supplement for hair loss?
– Individuals with thinning hair and hair loss
– Those whose diet lacks vitamins and minerals for hair growth

Dose and administration

Nutri Botanics Hair Plus is a premium quality hair supplement to reduce hair loss and promotes hair growth. It come in easy to swallow film coated tablet. Just take 2 tablets a day preferably with food.

Where to buy Nutri Botanics Hair Plus?

This hair supplement is available online at VitaminMall and also major department stores like Metro. Run by Pharmacist, VitaminMall is your trusted online store in Singapore for Vitamins & Supplements. VitaminMall offers secured online ordering with fast shipping and price at up to 70% discount from retail price.

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