Learn What Credit Insurance Can Do for You

Debtor Protect is a specialist trade credit insurance broker that is committed to delivering your business a solution to minimise the risks of suffering a bad debt.

Offering customers trading accounts is a reality of operating a business in the 21st century. In an ideal world, all accounts would be paid on time and in full.
The reality is there are significant risks of offering customers trading accounts – the most notable is customer insolvency – which results in bad debt write offs.

Debtor Protect specialises in trade credit insurance and debtors insurance , and is the trusted adviser to a number of Australian businesses, from SME’s through to multinationals, on how best to minimise the risk of suffering a bad debt. Through our partnerships and networks, we are able to offer clients a tailored and managed business credit insurance solution to ensure your business has the best bad debt protection available.

Your Largest Customer that owed tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars went bust?

You gave your business the ability to double the size of the credit limit of your largest customer without fear of them going insolvent?

Your business had the competitive edge of being able to offer credit accounts to new customers both in Australia and Overseas?

A properly tailored business credit insurance policy can help you grow your business with the security of knowing that should the worst happen, you have the right bad debt protection in place. With over 5 years experience in the credit insurance industry, Debtor Protect will ensure you get the best advice possible for your business.

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