We are excited to unveil to you the Big fishing adventure Resort!

Most of you may have followed us eagerly on Facebook on what we have done in the harbor and we have now come so far that we are opening the houses and boats for 2019 bookings!

The four first houses will be available for rent from 18.03.19 and will only be available for check inn/out on Mondays! Read more here on how the houses will end up like.

And now let’s talk boats…
In addition to the solid and simple boat park we allready have with the Kværnø 19 and 22ft aluminum boats, we are proud to present our new boats; Kaasbøll 660SC and 760HT! More information about the boats and the equipment they will have can you read about here!

The Big fish island Adventure Resort with the new houses, our service bulding and harbor is only the beginning…

In the next phase we will continue to develop the area, by restoring the old Kvitbua! The big house will become a bakery, a little shop and a pub among alot of exiting things, both for the locals, our guest and other tourists!

Because we are in a developing phase there will be bulding acitivity on the area, but we will try to do this as gentle as possible to avoid disturbance for the guests!

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