Tooth Fairy’s Tale: When a young child loses a tooth, it is a tremendously exciting event—visible proof of growing up! Children show off the gaping hole with pride, bringing home newly missing teeth to their families and placing them in their Tooth Pillow for the magical Tooth Fairy who mysteriously whisks it away. But what does the Tooth Fairy do with these special relics of early childhood? If only she had a special way to preserve their memory…Now there is! Introducing The Baby Teeth Keepsake Book!

The Baby Teeth Keepsake Book by Tooth Fairy’s Tale is the perfect solution for children, families and Tooth Fairies everywhere. A unique display case, Tooth Fairy’s Tale’s, Baby Teeth Keepsake Book is a special place of honor to save and cherish your child’s baby teeth and maintain a record of this significant milestone in your child’s life. Children will be excited and proud of their Keepsake Book, knowing that their teeth are stored in a place of honor.

And now introducing The Tooth Fairy’s new helper, “The Tooth Keeper.” The quirky and lovable, Elf like Tooth Keepers important job is to report back to The Tooth Fairy the child’s brushing and flossing performance and to deliver to the child, their Big Surprise from The Tooth Fairy!

The Baby tooth keeper will lead your child on a treasure hunt to find where she left the surprise in exchange for the child’s tooth, and weekly Teeth Brushing Chart. The entire family will want to join in on the fun!

All this fun and adventure wrapped up and specially delivered to your child by none other than The Tooth Fairy!

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